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Bags - Coin, Currency, Mail, Security & Transport
Key-Free Locking Security Bags

Bag creates control measure for businesses that prefer management to retain all bag keys. Stores and protects money, checks and documents.

1. Bag is given to user in an open position with no key.

2. User places vinyl strap around lock plunger so bag won't lock. At end of shift, strap is pulled over plunger and placed inside bag.

3. User zips bag and presses down plunger. Bag can now be returned to the cash management office. Contents are retrieved by authorized employee possessing the key.

"We received them [Lam. Nylon Key Free Bags] yesterday and they look great! The Mariner Blue is such a vibrant blue - beautiful. We are very pleased! Thanks again for everything."

C. Jones
First Baptist Church of Elkin
North Carolina

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