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CPT Books - 2021

Turn to the resource that goes beyond basic coding with the Current Procedural Coding Expert, your CPT® coding resource.

Equipped with the entire 2021 CPT® code set with easy-to-use coding includes and excludes notes for coding guidance and Medicare icons for speedy coding, billing and reimbursement, this easy-to-navigate resource will benefit physician practices, outpatient hospitals and ASCs.

You will also find a comprehensive listing of annual code additions, changes, deletions and reinstatements in the appendix; new code icons and notes; plus reimbursement information and mid-year changes not found in the American Medical Association’s (AMA) CPT® codebooks.

Select »INBCE21 2021 Optum Current Proc. Coding Expert-Spiral
Saving $15.75!
Select »INCEP21 2021 Optum Current Proc. Coding Professional-Softbound
Saving $15.15!
Select »EP054121 2021 AMA CPT Professional Edition - Spiral
Saving $14.15!
Select »22102 2021 PMIC CPT PLUS! Coder's Choice - Softbound
Saving $4.95!
Select »22103 2021 PMIC CPT PLUS! Coder's Choice - Spiral
Saving $4.95!
Select »OP512921 2021 AMA CPT Changes: An Insiders View
Saving $10.15!



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